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Steven C. Myers

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Steve Myers

Overview: A former Senior Scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory with over 25 years of experience in the field of radiation detection, with an emphasis in gamma ray spectroscopy. I possess a comprehensive level of expertise that can be brought to bear on any number of technical challenges. I pride myself on meeting the customer’s needs with timely and cost-effective solutions for a broad variety of radiation detection challenges.

Core Experience and Skills

  • Lead analyst with the DOE Triage/DHS Reachback emergency response team (2006-2017). Primary duties involved interpreting and analyzing gamma ray spectra and associated data from any radiation detection system worldwide. Led the production of formal reports for events.
  • Gamma analysis specialist as a deployable member of the DOE Joint Technical Operations Team (JTOT) emergency response program (2007 – 2017).
  • Advanced user and instructor for the LANL PeakEasy program and FRAM U/Pu Isotopic Code.
  • Advanced user of GADRAS and Microshield radiation transport codes
  • Led the technical assessments of numerous gamma ray and neutron detection systems for their capabilities in the detection and identification of nuclear threat devices (including Handhelds, Backpacks, and Portal Monitors).
  • Developer of two ultra-high sensitivity gamma ray detection systems used in screening wastes and materials in the LANL Green-Is-Clean Program.
  • Primary developer of the Spectral Nondestructive Assay Program (SNAP™) used in calculating assay results of far-field gamma spectroscopy measurements. The program is currently licensed to Pajarito Scientific Corporation.
  • Lead instructor and developer of radiation detection training for DHS Primary Reachback and State and Local entities since 2006. I have mentored and instructed junior level staff for nearly 20 years.
  • Competent user of  with Canberra ISOCS and Ortec Program Isotopic analysis routines.
  • In 2011, I used the MCNP radiation transport code to develop a method of analyzing in situ gamma ray data from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. I was the DOE technical lead in analyzing the Fukushima data sent to the Triage program.
  • Maintain a DOE Q Clearance as well as SCI (Top Secret) Clearance
  • More than 15 years of Project Leader experience

Career Experience: Los Alamos National Laboratory Senior Scientist 2003 – 2018


Responsibilities included project leader for the following projects:

    • Algorithm Integrated Project Team for the Human Portable Radiation Detector Systems (HPRDS) project for the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO). LANL lead for five project staff, and direct interface for one of the DNDO vendors.
    • Algorithm Improvement Project (2012-2018): LANL lead for six project members to produce a universal Benchmark Data Set for testing and improving nuclide identification algorithms for radiation detection systems.
    • Radioactive Waste Characterization Program: Technical project lead charged with developing and implementing processes for low-level waste (LLW) characterization and TRU/LLW discrimination measurements. Program development began in 1993 and is still active today.
    • LANL Green-Is-Clean Program: Technical project lead charged with developing two ultra-high sensitivity radiation detection systems (HERCULES and ZEUS). Program was implemented in 1998 and is still active in 2018.
    • LANL assistant project lead for the DNDO System Threat Review (STR) program. Led other NEN-2 staff in this broad interdisciplinary project team.
    • LANL project leader for the following DNDO radiation detection testing programs
      • Advanced HPRDS Test Campaign in 2010 (both low-resolution and high-resolution systems)
      • Neutron Detection Market Research Project (NDMRP) Test Campaign in 2009
      • Government Developed Neutron Detector (GDND) Test Campaign for the Helium-3 Replacement Program in 2010.

Career Experience: Benchmark Environmental Corporation/Thermo RETEC/Eberline Services (1993-2003)

  • Technical lead on developing the LANL radioactive waste assay program for low-level and mixed wastes. Primary developer of the Spectral Nondestructive Assay Program (SNAP) that is still in use today (licensed to Pajarito Scientific Inc.).
  • Developed the following one-of-a-kind high sensitivity radiation detection systems for use in screening waste and materials in the LANL Green-Is-Clean Program: HERCULES and ZEUS. Systems can detect plutonium and uranium residues in low density materials at levels below 10 pCi/gram.
  • Wrote procedures for hands on use of gamma ray detectors, calibrations and analysis.
  • Have analyzed several tens of thousands of gamma ray measurement data.

Additional Experience


Full Time Professional Swim Coach 1977-1990 and part time 1998-2004. Coached all levels of athletes including high school, collegiate, age group (6 and older), and Masters.  In New Mexico my high school teams won 11 State Championships, and our age group program won 4 state championships. Twice named Coach of the Year. Inducted into the Los Alamos High School Athletic Hall of Fame in 2015.

  • Won four Distinguished Performance Awards at LANL as a member of large teams.
  • Won the Benchmark Environmental annual Service Award (1995) and Innovation Award (1998)
  • An ABHP Certified Health Physicist from 1997-2010.



M.S. Health Physics from Texas A&M University, 1992

M.Ed. from SUNY at Buffalo, 1981

B.S. Psychology from SUNY College at Buffalo, 1977