Spectral Nondestructive Assay Platform

“SNAP was developed in Los Alamos, New Mexico by a team of experts in the field of gamma ray spectroscopy in order to incorporate all of the critical tools, techniques and corrections necessary to produce excellent radio assay results.”

Steve Myers

What makes SNAP your go-to Analytical tool for gamma ray data

  • Advanced logic during the nuclide identification process so that all photo peaks are properly identified (no more “unidentified peaks” in your reports)
  • Over 40 unique materials from which to choose on the Modeling Data page, along with the ability to create numerous Custom Models so that modeling parameters can be automatically loaded during any future assay
  • These additional tools are at the analyst’s disposal when assay calculations are performed:
    • Quick and accurate self-absorption corrections for plutonium and uranium materials and sources
    • Perform minimum detectable activity (MDA) calculations for any and all radionuclides of interest
    • A fast and easy special modeling tool for cases in which contaminant distributions are non-homogeneously distributed

The ability to create accurate intrinsic efficiency profiles for any radiation detector, produced by any vendor worldwide (HPGe, NaI, LaBr3, CZT, etc). There are no limits on the number of calibrations you can create and use with a single license.

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