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Spectral Ops was founded by Steve Myers.  He has over 25 years of experience in the field of radiation detection/gamma ray spectroscopy and has the ability to solve nearly any problem you may encounter.  With several tens of thousands of analyses under his belt, it is rare for him to come across gamma ray phenomena that he hasn’t dealt with before.

Can produce assay quantities to calculate radionuclide activity and mass for any gamma emitting radionuclide.

Isotopic analyses of all plutonium and uranium materials types including rarely encountered species.

Qualitative analysis of radionuclides present in spectra for virtually all gamma ray detector media on the market. Will confidently distinguish between threats and non-threats.

Announcing a partnership
with Pajarito Scientific Corporation
and the SNAP Software Routine

Steve Myers of Spectral Ops LLC is excited to announce that I am a proud sales representative for the Spectral Nondestructive Assay Platform routine (SNAP™) from Pajarito Scientific Corporation! Some of you may know that I was the original “Father of SNAP™” as I first conceptualized the methods in 1993, and then led a team of experts in its original development during the 90’s. Now that PSC owns the licensing rights for SNAP™ I feel like this partnership has brought me full circle back to the gamma spectroscopy work I love the most! And I am willing to stake my professional reputation on the validity of the algorithms and methods that we developed over the years. You absolutely will not find a better routine than SNAP! I hope many of you are ready to join the growing list of SNAP™ users worldwide.

Spectral Nondestructive Assay PLatform


SNAP™ is a very powerful user-friendly gamma spectroscopy point-kernel modeling routine with amazing flexibility, which allows analysts the ability to produce high-quality radioassay activity and mass results for many applications. It was developed in the mid-1990’s by experts at Los Alamos in order to analyze a huge variety of waste materials. Currently, SNAP™ is also fully capable of analyses on small laboratory samples, holdup measurements, and area sources. There are other modeling routines out there that quantify gamma-emitting samples, however, none of them are as intuitive and easy to use as SNAP™. The time alone that you save while quickly producing accurate and defensible results, will pay for itself in no time.

Steve has lots of other 'Sciency' skills like making up words such as 'Sciency'.​

Check back often for the joke of the week.

The Official Mascot of Spectral Ops
Moose the Dog
Official Mascot

True story

This is Moose, the official mascot of Spectral Ops LLC! Moose entered into our lives about 2 ½ years ago after my daughter got him from a rescue shelter in Colorado. At the time, we were the fourth family for him to live with in his 6 short months of life. But god willing, we will be his last family as well! He is super fun and energetic, but also ridiculously loving and sweet. I tell people he is either the cutest ugly dog ever, or the ugliest cute dog ever 😊.  


His DNA test indicates he is a mix of Chihuahua, Miniature Poodle and Terrier (and who knows what else). One thing for sure though, he is 100% MOOSE!  



Steve Myers


Steve is a former Los Alamos National Lab employee with over 25 years of experience in the field of radiation detection.​

  • Primary developer of the SNAP™ analysis program used for quantifying radioactivity with any detector type, from any vendor worldwide
  • Former DOE Triage emergency response team member
  • Advanced user/instructor for multiple radiation transport codes
  • Masters in Health Physics and Masters of Education

Leading Expert

Steve is widely considered one of the best in the world at understanding gamma ray detectors, and providing radio assay solutions.

Comprehensive Training

In addition to extensive practical experience, Steve has also taught radiation physics and radiation safety as it applies to nuclear emergency response for many years. There are hundreds of former students that have been instructed by Steve.

Up For The Challenge

Steve is a scientist who can take on challenging scientific problems and produce accurate and high-quality results.

Recent Consulting Work

TA-21 Delayed Projects D&D of the original liquid radioactive waste treatment facility at LANL. I am the non-destructive assay (NDA) subject matter expert (SME) for all screening and characterization measurements during the project

Consultant to Pajarito Scientific Corporation.  Assisted with the V&V plan development and execution for the new version release of their SNAP™ software routine.  Developed and taught a class on the use of the SNAP™Special Modeling routine.  Produced 7 video tutorials to support the new version release of SNAP™

Consultant to Nighthawk Integrated Solutions, LLC in which I will provide SME pre-test planning support on DTRA test campaigns, along with post-test data analysis and spectral review of evaluated detector systems


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Hello, this is Steve Myers and welcome to Spectral Ops LLC! I am a retired scientist from the Los Alamos National Laboratory with over 25 years of experience in the field of radiation detection, with a specialty in gamma ray spectroscopy. I have two Masters degrees and am a formerly certified Health Physicist who loves to…

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